Raijin (Raiden) Thunder, Lightning, and Storm God | Shinto Deity | Hokusai Japanese Mythology Graphic T-Shirt Tee

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  • Who is the god of thunder and lightning? Raijin is a powerful and revered Japanese god in the Shinto religion responsible for lightning, thunder, and storms. He is often depicted in Japanese art as a powerful and fearsome figure, surrounded by Taiko drums that he uses to create the sound of thunder.

    Raijin is believed to be the source of all thunder and lightning, and he is revered as a powerful and benevolent force in Japanese culture. In some traditions, he is also seen as a god of fertility and prosperity, and is believed to bring good fortune and abundance to those who honor him.

    The image of Raijin surrounded by Taiko drums is especially iconic, and this image was originally painted by the great Hokusai, one of the most famous and prolific Japanese Ukiyo-e masters. Hokusai's depiction of Raijin has helped to shape the way that this figure is revered in Japanese culture, and it is a testament to the enduring legacy of this god and the enduring power of Japanese art.

    This unisex essential tee fits like a beloved favorite. Each panel is individually printed, cut, and sewn to ensure a flawless graphic. Featuring a cotton feel, and high-definition printing that won't fade after washing.

    * Exclusive art from Sacred Surreal
    * Cut-and-sewn for a perfect print
    * Premium jersey: 190gsm 
    * High-definition printing that lasts for generations
    * Exclusive Vajrayana and Tantric Buddhist T-shirts
    * Vintage T Shirt, Graphic Tee 


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    God lightning, also known as divine lightning or celestial lightning, is a term used to describe lightning that is believed to be directly influenced or controlled by a divine entity or deity. 

    In ancient mythologies, lightning was often associated with gods or deities who were believed to control the natural elements. For example, in Norse mythology, Thor, the god of thunder, wielded a powerful hammer called Mjolnir, which could summon lightning and thunder. Similarly, in Greek mythology, Zeus, the king of the gods, was associated with lightning and used it as a symbol of his power.

    The concept of god lightning also appears in religious texts and scriptures. In the Bible, for instance, there are numerous references to God's power being displayed through lightning. In the book of Exodus, lightning is mentioned as one of the plagues brought upon Egypt, and in the book of Psalms, lightning is described as a sign of God's presence and judgment.


    100% Microfiber

    This strong, durable synthetic fabric retains its shape and dries quickly. Colors never fade with washing.


    Reinforced Side Seams

    Located along the sides, reinforced seams retain the shirt's original shape longer, for many years of enjoyment.


    Cut-And-Sew Construction

    Each panel is individually printed, cut, and sewn to ensure a flawless design without imperfections.


    Twill Reinforced Shoulders

    Twill reinforcement strips stabilizes the shoulder seams and back to prevent stretching.

    Care Instructions: Machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat. Please don't dry clean, iron, or bleach.

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Brian Asuncion
Extraordinary design

Exceeded expectations for both quality and service. One of my favorite shirts!

Brian Metz
Excellent design and fit. Quick delivery t...

Excellent design and fit. Quick delivery too.

Alexander Romero Block
Arrived much earlier than expected. Dope a...

Arrived much earlier than expected. Dope ass shirt!