About Sacred Surreal

After years of working at stifling, repetitive, and highly-stressful jobs in IT and marketing, it was time for a leap of faith. Sacred Surreal was born out of equal parts inspiration and frustration at being artists and musicians trapped in a corporate world. It's our sincere attempt at applying the Japanese ideal of Ikigai to our lives and pursuing meaningful work. 

The essence of Ikigai involves the convergence of four elements:
• Doing what you love to do
• Doing what the world needs
• Doing what you're good at doing
• Doing what the world will reward

Sacred Surreal supports artists by paying an upfront fee for designing the work shown on our website. This ensures that whether a design sells or not, the artist is always fairly compensated. We use our Facebook page and Instagram to promote cultural diversity, higher consciousness, and to endorse ways of being outside of the norms of consumer culture. 

We support charitable causes we believe in, such as anti-racism, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare. We’re able to share our passion with our customers by contributing part of our profits toward causes with a positive social impact, one purchase at a time.

Sacred Surreal is a unique art project fused with a website — that positively impacts us and the people around us. We've decided that anything less isn't worth the devotion of our limited time on Earth. 

Zev and Brian
Sacred Surreal LLC
500 Westover Dr. STE #15098
Sanford, NC 27330
(760) 459-5117