Nagas Mythology: Krishna Fights King of the Nagas, Kaliya | Hindu Mythology, Folklore Fine Art Print

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  • The sacred mythology of Krishna overcoming Kaliya is a powerful metaphor for our own lives and the constant struggle we face with desire. The many hoods of naga Kaliya represent the endless desires that we have, and how they can consume us if we are not careful.

    Krishna serves as a reminder that we have the power to overcome these desires and find inner peace. As he dances on the hoods of Kaliya nagas, he shows us that we have the ability to control our desires and not be controlled by them. And even as the hoods break off and are replaced by new ones, Krishna remains steadfast, playing his soothing flute and reminding us to stay focused on what is truly important.

    You'll receive a heavyweight, giclée, acid-free print that's created to last for generations. The museum-quality paper works perfectly with large, full-color images. The lightly-textured, matte finish captures fine lines and subtle colors, resulting in stunning works of art (without unwanted reflections). We've preserved elements of this art's ancient qualities in order to retain its richness and uniqueness. 

    • Printed using eco-friendly, water-based inks
    • FSC approved or sustainably-sourced paper
    • Frame and matting isn't included. Print only.
    • Shipped in a damage-proof artwork tube. 
    • Premium-quality (200gsm) giclée, acid-free paper


    We specialize in digital recreations of vintage sacred and surreal art. Each work is a handmade digital restoration of the original image, not a pixellated copy of an Internet image that some other vendors may sell. We provide high-quality, clean digital restorations — true to the original — with great attention to detail.

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    Museum-Quality Paper

    Museum grade, archival paper is created to last for generations without discoloring.


    Eco-Friendly, Water-Based Inks

    Epson, eco-friendly inks won't fade, even when exposed to regular sunlight.

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