Gongsun Sheng: Dragon in the Clouds | Samurai Magician, Warrior Taoist Sage, Yin Yang Vintage Antique Framed Print

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  • Gongsun Sheng is a mythical master of Taoist magic who has left a lasting imprint on Chinese folklore. According to tales passed down through the ages, he possessed extraordinary abilities, including the power to summon the wind and the rain, ride the mist, and drive the clouds. With his uncanny mastery of the elements and the ethereal, he was a force to be reckoned with.

    However, Gongsun Sheng was more than just a skilled sorcerer. He was also known for his enigmatic and sometimes mystical behavior, which only added to his already formidable reputation. This mystical demeanor earned him the nickname "Dragon in the Clouds," an apt moniker for one who seemed to be able to harness the power of the sky itself.

    You'll receive framed, heavyweight, giclée, acid-free print that's created to last for generations.

    • Handmade by expert picture framers
    • Giclée, museum quality, acid-free paper
    • Framed prints are delivered ready to hang
    • Milled, high-quality wood with a satin finish
    • Hanging hardware and acrylic front-protector is included


    We specialize in digital recreations of vintage sacred and surreal art. Each work is a handmade digital restoration of the original image, not a pixellated copy of an Internet image that some other vendors may sell. We provide high-quality, clean digital restorations — true to the original — with great attention to detail.


    More info: Beyond his magical abilities and mystical aura, Gongsun Sheng was also notable for his unusual appearance. He was said to have a thin beard that hung down to his chest, and his eyes were so deeply set that they appeared to be in shadow. These distinctive physical features added to his otherworldly appeal and cemented his status as a legendary figure in Chinese folklore.

    As part of his magical toolkit, Gongsun Sheng carried an ancient sword made of copper. This weapon was more than just a tool for self-defense; it was also a symbol of his mastery over the arcane arts. With this sword in hand, he was able to vanquish his enemies and protect the innocent.


    Museum Quality, Giclée Paper

    Museum-quality, acid-free giclée paper and Epson inks won't fade or discolor over time.


    Pre-Installed Hanging Hardware

    Hanging hardware and acrylic front-protector is included

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