Ernst Haeckel Thalamphora Marine Life (Art Forms in Nature) | Ocean Seashells Starfish | Natural History Gift Vintage Fine Art Print

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  • Thalamphora is a genus of marine animals that belong to the phylum Cnidaria, which also includes corals and jellyfish. These organisms are characterized by their unique and complex tentacle-like structures, which are used for capturing prey and for movement.

    Haeckel was particularly interested in Thalamphora, and he dedicated a significant portion of his research to studying these organisms. He conducted extensive observations and dissections of Thalamphora and made detailed drawings and illustrations of their anatomy and physiology.

    You'll receive a heavyweight, giclée, acid-free print that's created to last for generations. The museum-quality paper works perfectly with large, full-color images. The lightly-textured, matte finish captures fine lines and subtle colors perfectly, resulting in stunning works of art (without unwanted reflections) 

    * Printed using eco-friendly, water-based inks
    * FSC approved or sustainably-sourced paper
    * Frame is not included. Print only.
    * Shipped in a damage-proof artwork tube. 
    * Premium-quality (200gsm) giclée, acid-free paper

    ➤ Digital-Restoration Art

    We specialize in digital recreations of vintage sacred and surreal art. Each work is a handmade digital restoration of the original image, not a pixellated copy of an Internet image that some other vendors may sell. We provide high-quality, clean digital restorations — true to the original — with great attention to detail.

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    Museum-Quality Paper

    Museum grade, archival paper is created to last for generations without discoloring.


    Eco-Friendly, Water-Based Inks

    Epson, eco-friendly inks won't fade, even when exposed to regular sunlight.

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Diana Ernser
Better quality then expected! Thick paper...

Better quality then expected! Thick paper and texture with the colors make them very beautiful. So good I hate to put them behind glass