Bhavacakra Mandala (The Wheel of Life) Antique Tibetan Yantra Tantra Deity Buddhist Fine Art Print with Thangka-Style Hanger

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  • Yama, the Lord of Death, is prominently featured in this Tibetan Thangka, holding the Wheel of Life, which represents the cycle of rebirth known as Samsara. The central circle of the Wheel of Life is an image of a snake chasing a pig chasing a rooster chasing the snake, which symbolizes the three poisons of craving, hatred and ignorance. These three poisons are the root causes of all suffering and keep sentient beings trapped in the cycle of samsara.

    The six sections surrounding the central circle represent the six realms of existence in which sentient beings are reborn after death. These realms are: the realm of the gods, the realm of the titans, the realm of the humans, the realm of the animals, the realm of the hungry ghosts and the realm of the demons. Each of these realms is associated with a particular type of suffering, and the goal of Buddhist practice is to transcend these realms and attain enlightenment.

    This giclée, acid-free print comes ready to hang with its own hand-crafted, solid-wood hanger. Discrete magnetic fasteners hold your print securely, without damage. It's an elegant and contemporary display. Prints use eco-friendly, water-based inks and sustainably-sourced paper. 

    • Each hanging kit contains four wooden strips with color coordinated cords
    • Magnetic fasteners hold your print in place without tearing or marking
    • Museum-quality Enhanced Matte Art (EMA) paper is both beautiful and strong
    • The lightly-textured, matte finish captures fine lines and subtle colors, resulting in stunning works of art

Customer Reviews

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Susan Primak

good quality! wish I'd purchased a larger size but love this one

Susan Leannon
just wish I'd ordered a larger size!

just wish I'd ordered a larger size!

Rory Bauch
wonderful fidelity to the print, delivered...

wonderful fidelity to the print, delivered so quickly too.