Antique "Chonk" Fat Housecat, Zen Gift Hakuin Sumi-E Japanese Kawaii Cute Pet Kitty Cat Brush Painting Fine Art Print with Hanger

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  • Japanese ink painting, or sumi-e, is a traditional art form that has been practiced in Japan for centuries. It is characterized by its use of black ink and a blank canvas, which is used to capture the timeless beauty and complexity of the natural world. The simplicity of sumi-e is considered to be a quintessential aspect of Japanese aesthetics and is said to reflect the Japanese sense of beauty, which values simplicity and restraint.

    Sumi-e is usually created spontaneously, without interruption or revisions, which is known as "one-stroke painting" this is due to the fact that the ink dries quickly and it's hard to correct mistakes. The total mindfulness and commitment required to create a sumi-e painting is strongly associated with Zen Buddhist practice. Many famous Zen masters such as Hakuin Ekaku were accomplished sumi-e painters, and their work reflects the deep spiritual and philosophical connection between Zen Buddhism and the art of sumi-e.

    Artwork is printed on museum-quality, acid-free giclée paper, which offers exceptional color, detail, and lasts for generations. Each print come ready to hang with its own hand-crafted, solid-wood hanger. Discrete magnetic fasteners hold your print securely, without damage. It's an elegant and contemporary display. 

    • Each hanging kit contains four wooden strips with color coordinated cords
    • Prints use eco-friendly, water-based inks and sustainably-sourced paper.
    • Magnetic fasteners hold your print in place without tearing or marking
    • Museum-quality Enhanced Matte Art (EMA) paper is both beautiful and strong
    • The lightly-textured, matte finish captures fine lines and subtle colors, resulting in stunning works of art

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