Framed Ancient Hanuman Revealing Rama (Vishnu) and Sita in His Heart Vedic Hindu Folk Art Ganesha Shiva Ramayana Vedic Framed Art Print

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  • Hanuman is a revered deity in Hinduism, and is considered as the god of strength, courage and devotion. He is also known as the monkey god and is often depicted as a monkey or a monkey-like humanoid with a strong and muscular body. He is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is believed to be blessed with superhuman powers.

    Hanuman plays a crucial role in the Ramayana, where he helps the prince Rama (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and his wife Sita, who were kidnapped by the demon king of Lanka, Ravana. Hanuman, with his superhuman powers, was able to cross the ocean to Lanka and find Sita, who was being held captive. He also helped in building a bridge to Lanka, and fought a fierce battle with the demon king's army. When asked where he had hidden Rama and Sita, Hanuman replies, "In my heart."

    You'll receive a framed, ready-to-hang, giclée, acid-free print that's created to last for generations. We've preserved elements of this art's aged qualities in order to retain its richness, great antiquity, and uniqueness.

    • Handmade by expert picture framers
    • Giclée, museum quality, acid-free paper
    • Framed prints are delivered ready to hang
    • Milled, high-quality wood with a satin finish
    • Hanging hardware and acrylic front-protector is included


    We specialize in digital recreations of vintage sacred and surreal art. Each work is a handmade digital restoration of the original image, not a pixellated copy of an Internet image that some other vendors may sell. We provide high-quality, clean digital restorations — true to the original — with great attention to detail.


    Museum Quality, Giclée Paper

    Museum-quality, acid-free giclée paper and Epson inks won't fade or discolor over time.


    Pre-Installed Hanging Hardware

    Hanging hardware and acrylic front-protector is included

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